Short Answer: Is the Apocrypha part of the Bible? Are there more than 66 books?

    The Apocrypha is not a part of the Bible, although some individuals wrongly claim that it is. This book was translated during the creation of the King James Version Bible but was never regarded as part of the Bible. It was placed in addendums because it was not canonized. The rejection of the Apocrypha books stems from several reasons. First, none of these books were written in Hebrew, the language of the Old Testament. Additionally, they lack any claims of divine inspiration, because they don’t use reference phrases like “the Lord spoke” or “the word of God.” In fact, these books never claim to be the word of God nor do they include allusions to the Old Testament.

    Both Judaism and the early Christian Church from the 1st to the 4th century never considered the Apocrypha as sacred scripture. Contradictions with biblical doctrines are evident within the Apocrypha, particularly regarding prayers for the dead, which are found in books like 1st and 2nd Maccabees. These writings also include questionable practices such as using fish parts to drive away evil spirits, suggesting a misunderstanding of spiritual matters.

    The Apocrypha promotes and condones immoral behaviors, including lying, magical incantations, and suicides. It is essential to understand that the Apocrypha was never and should not be considered part of the Bible, and we should be cautious not to be deceived by such claims. The Bible we possess is the true word of God, containing prophecies and teachings surpassing any other divine revelation (2 Peter 1:17-21). Therefore, we should rely on the authoritative and inspired scriptures we have, knowing that they hold the ultimate truth and divine guidance for our lives.

    Scripture Outline:

    • Some wrongly claim there more than 66 books of the Bible
    • Apocrypha – a book translated when they translated the King James Version Bible but it was NEVER considered part of the Bible
      • Sometimes in the addendum or other places because it was not canonized
    • The Apocrypha books were rejected for multiple reasons
      • None were written in Hebrew (the Old Testament language)
      • No authors claimed Divine Inspiration (ex. “Lord spoke” or “word of God”)
        • Those books never even claim to be the word of God
      • No allusions to the Old Testament
        • Cp. King James has 263 direct quotes and 370 allusions to the Old Testament
      • Judaism never acknowledged the Apocrypha as sacred
      • The 1st to 4th Century Christian church never regarded it as sacred
      • It contradicts Biblical Doctrines
        • Includes “Prayers for the dead” – ex. in 1st & 2nd Maccabees, Antiochus dies 3 different deaths
        • Anti-doctrinal writings from the Apocrypha:
          • Tobit 6:5-8 – “If the devil, or an evil spirit trouble anyone, they can be driven away by making a smoke of the heart, liver, and gall of a fish … 17 and the Devil will smell it and flee away, and never come again anymore.”
            • You cannot cast out devils with fish livers or hearts
          • Tobit 12:8-9 – “It is better to give alms than to lay up gold; for alms doth deliver from death, and shall purge away all sin.”
          • Ecclesiasticus 3:30 – “Water will quench a flaming fire, and alms maketh atonement for sin.”
          • 2 Maccabees 12:43-44 – “Two thousand pieces of silver were sent to Jerusalem for a sin-offering … Whereupon he made reconciliation for the dead, that they might be delivered from sin.”
      • It promotes & condones immorality
        • Ex. lying, magical incantations, suicides
    • The Apocrypha was never and is not part of the Bible – don’t let anyone deceive you
      • The Bible we have is the word of God
      • The prophecy in there is greater than any word you’ll ever get from heaven (2 Pet. 1:17-21)