The Evaluation: A Study of the 7 Churches

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The Evaluation looks at the words from Jesus Christ to the seven churches of Asia. The messages unique to each church’s situation were written in a book sent to the seven churches throughout what is modern-day Turkey.  It is amazing to imagine Jesus speaking to John and breaking down for each church what God was…

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11 reviews for The Evaluation: A Study of the 7 Churches

  1. Lydia Francine Ethridge

    The study of the seven churches gave me a chance to evaluate myself and my actions as to what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right. With the opportunity for correct by repenting. The study gave me the opportunity to know what to look out for and to know what to do if and when my faith begins to fail not to look at the circumstances but to stay focused on Jesus.

  2. Terilyn Hoke

    It was a wonderful way to study GodÕs word. I loved hearing the word come alive in ways IÕve never heard before. I enjoyed the testimonies. I would have loved to have heard more. This time I printed out the book, but next time I will purchase one. Thank you so much!!!

  3. Cheryl R. Perkins

    This lesson has truly blessed my soul! I have grown spiritually so much and so quickly! The Word is so good and I fell in love even more!

  4. Betty Watson

    The Evaluation: A Study of the 7 Churches is an important Biblical study that I recommend to the entire Body of Christ as well as those seeking Truth. I was deeply impressed with the introduction, the breakdown of each church and all the helpful resources which allowed me to dig deeper into the study. Every video, blog, church overview and Zoom meeting with the breakout rooms reinforced my understanding about the entire book of Revelation. I’m so excited about this study that I’m anticipating teaching this material to some small groups and family members. This is another outreach study tool that I Pray will find it’s way to prisons, jails, universities, businesses, schools and every household in America and around the world. Thank you Just Word Ministries for equipping us, who are seeking more of Jesus with the Unadulterated Word of God. The Evaluation: A Study of 7 Churches has been so enlightening that I find myself going back over each church and rereading the information again and again. There is so much to unpack. I really like the blogs they give you so much wisdom and understanding

  5. Alfred Haynes

    I loved it… I learned so much and if I had to do the study over again I will do it in a heart beat. The word is just so rich and well needed. The study of the 7 churches expose something that i didn’t like about myself and what I was doing. And to see the things they went thing changed my way of thinking and do things. I want to be a better person but I can’t do it by myself I need the help of Jesus and my church family to become a better me.

  6. Jessica Meadows

    This evaluation really helped to step back and take look at myself to see which churches I feel into and areas that I need to work on, repent, and to be very watchful that I donÕt fall into the categories that wasnÕt pleasing to God. This blessed my heart because it showed me how much Jesus loves and cares About me, that when in not where IÕm suppose to be in Him, He has mercy on me and gives me another chance to Repent and get it right.

  7. Andrew Bennett Jr

    I learned so much from this study that I had not recognized or paid attention to previously! For example, the fact that all of the churches got to read in one book the letters to each of the individual churches!!! I also gained some study tools from the question and answer portion of the live zooms! The evaluation portion of this was key in helping me to take a introspective look at myself and seeing where I could improve and repent!

  8. Lydia Francine Ethridge

    Loved it, very enlightening

  9. Angela Reeder

    The study was awesome. The study came at a time when God is dealing with me regarding my commitment, prayer, studying and seeking him because I want give God my all an all. I was honestly evaluating myself and feeling totally smh… lost. God is & has been to God to me to end up being distant. I truly needed the study to stir up the gift that is within me. My husband and I moved from Syracuse, NY to AL. I’ve never been happy nor comfortable with the church we are a part of.

  10. Jeri Lynn Southers Turner

    it was awesome, the detail history of each church. The consider this to make you think even deeper or consider another way of looking at something to breaking it down

  11. Antonio Wells (verified owner)

    I would love to see this go further!!!!

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