Philippians Chapter Study
    Philippians Chapter Study

    Chapter Study

    The Book of Philippians Chapter Study

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    There is SO MUCH in this book of Philippians – the gospel, priorities, ministry, prayer, humility, suffering, contentment – that can help you live for Christ RIGHT NOW! This chapter study walks through the entire book with powerful classes and interesting activities to enrich your time in the Word!

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    “…The Perfect structure for a biblical Book Study…”

    Lessons taught and presented in a way that helps us in application!!! Putting it into our hands (do it) and hearts; The detailed inclusion of the Hebrew alphabet/ language helps in understanding meaning and intent. I love it, and I have been blessed
    – Mattie Roberts
    Happy Customer

    “I LOVE IT”

    I loved it, it’s my favorite now. Paul’s teaching of relationships not only with saints but most of how with God. Count your whole life joy it is what make you,you and what brought God to you
    – Jeri Lynn Southers Turner
    Happy Customer

    “It is a book of healing for the mind”

    It is a book of healing for the mind. I consider this book to heal perspectives. God lead me to read this same chapter in April 2020 and it healed my mind from so much! He has done ever more this year reading it again in the same month of a different year. God is good! It has helped me see that going through is not for me but for the furtherance of the gospel and so I can help others.
    – Cheryl Perkins
    Happy Customer
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    The Book of Philippians

    The Book of Philippians Chapter Study


    When it comes to studying the Word of God and the richness that comes from searching the Scriptures, the book of Philippians is an excellent place to start.

    • KJV Scripture to Annotate​
    • 5-4-3-2-1 Chapter Challenge ​
    • Personal Connections​
    • In-Book Study Notes Space​
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