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    Everything Bundle


    In the Everything bundle:

    • Born of Water – Book
    • Born of Water Workbook – Workbook
    • He’s the Master of Every Situation – Book
    • Living in the Last Days – Study Play
    • Pursue God’s Purpose – Study Play
    • 30 Day Challenge – Study Play
    • The Evaluation: The Study of the 7 Churches – Study Play
    • The Wisdom of Proverbs – Study Play
    • Truth Still Stands – Study Play
    • Watch your Mouth – Study Plan
    • Wisdom in Real Life – Study Plan
    • Defeat the Devil
    • The Requirement: Book 1 $2
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    Born of Water | Box of 28 Workbooks


    Box of 28 Workbooks | Born of Water Workbook

    The Born of Water Workbook is a resource to be used in conjunction with Born of Water: The Bible Truth on Water Baptism by Timothy M. Harris. It breaks down the wealth of Bible knowledge in the book into an interactive series of activities to guide your reading, highlight the key points, increase your understanding, and strengthen your comprehension of what you read. This is an amazing workbook to add to your collection.

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    Born of Water | Box of 28 Books


    Box of 28 Books | Born of Water Hardcover book | Bulk Order
    The Born of Water breaks the mold in addressing Water Baptism. Using extensive scripture combined with analysis of the original languages and historical research, Born of Water answers questions using the Word of God. Today’s discussions of spiritual issues and Bible questions are often guided by strong opinions, long-held traditions, popular trends, and subjective interpretations. Born of Water is written from the King James Version. This is a timeless resource to add to your collection.
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