Living in the Last Days
Living in the Last Days


Living the Last Days

Study Plan Includes:

Explore the Word of God concerning living in the last days & the events of the end times! Dig in with 5 classes & 12 interactive lessons including questions, cross-references, application to now, and more!

  • Topical Scriptures
  • Critical Questions
  • Insightful Classes
  • Life Application

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Living in the last days Compairson
last days

A Course on the End Times

Living the the Last Days

Learn how to live in the last days and what the Bible teaches about the end times!

Bonus Material Included!

  • Videos for 6 engaging lessons with review questions
  • Supplemental notes for classes + detailed end times timeline
  • 3 studies each week with cross-references, Q&A, and more
  • Real-world connections, encouragement, and action steps
  • Explore the rapture, second coming, antichrist, mark, and more

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