Wisdom of Proverbs
    Wisdom of Proverbs


    Wisdom of Proverbs

    Study Plan Includes:

    The book of Proverbs is incredibly rich, meaningful, and practical. With this workbook (and bonus resources), you can walk through each chapter and gain true wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and instruction.

    • Topical Scriptures
    • Critical Questions
    • Insightful Classes
    • Life Application

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    The workbook includes MUCH MORE than the free worksheets. This printed workbook is currently available in our store.

    Wisdom of Proverbs Compairson
    The Wisdom of Proverbs

    A Reading & Review Workbook

    The Wisdom of Proverbs

    Use this reading and review workbook to help you walk through God’s wisdom in the book of Proverbs.

    Bonus Material Included!

    • 4 supplemental weekly classes on overall themes
    • Insightful short videos & blogs built into the book
    • 5 review questions for every chapter
    • Full KJV chapter included to mark up & take notes
    • Definitions, cross-references, or encouragement

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