The Foundation: Mastery Course for All Christians

The Requirements

Study Plan Includes:

The Requirements cover the 6 Principles of the Doctrine of Christ listed in Hebrews 6:1-2. This powerful series allows students to immerse themselves in each principle with full-length Bible class videos, deep dives into scriptural definitions, comprehensive topical outlines, interactive study activities, and more.

  • Full-Length Bible Classes
  • Built in Bible Study Outline
  • Interactive Understanding Activities
  • Free Online Certification


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The Foundation: Mastery Course for All Christians

The Requirements

Learn how to use the tools God gave us to defeat the enemy. This Armor is tried and tested sure to to work! It is God’s Armor after all!

Bonus Material Included!

  • In-depth study of each weapon in the Armour
  • 7 full-length Bible Classes
  • 6 Short Videos covering each weapon
  • Encouraging playlist to listen to on the go
  • Real-life examples of each weapon



3 Classes on Repentance

3 Classes on Faith

3 Classes on Water Baptism

3 Classes on Spirit Baptism

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