Watch Your Mouth
    Watch Your Mouth


    Watch Your MOuth

    Study Plan Includes:

    Answer the question, “What would a wise man say?” with this 21-Day Interactive Workbook. It addresses the power of the tongue, scriptural dos and don’ts, the mouths of different types of people, and Biblical instructions for conflict and contention!

    • Topical Scriptures
    • Critical Questions
    • Insightful Classes
    • Life Application

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    Watch your MouthCompairson



    Watch your mouth workbook

    Interactive Workbook

    Watch Your Mouth

    This 21-day interactive workbook will revolutionize what you say, what you don’t say, and how you handle conflict!

    Bonus Material Included!

    • Exciting activities – crosswords, matching, true-false, & more
    • QR codes & notes sections for 3 engaging full-length classes
    • Daily focus scriptures, definitions, and food for thought
    • Before & after self-evaluation & 14 fun challenges
    • Compare your words to 5 types of people in scripture

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