Pursue God's Purpose
    Pursue God’s Purpose


    Pursue God’s Purpose

    Study Plan Includes:

    Pursue God’s Purpose: This 10-step action plan is for those who are determined to fulfill God’s calling for their lives. This powerful interactive workbook makes understanding your part in the kingdom of God personal. What God has purposed for YOU to do is POWERFUL & NECESSARY! Become confident in who God has made you to be and walk in faith, doing what He has given you to do! It is time to pursue God’s purpose!

    • Topical Scriptures
    • Critical Questions
    • Insightful Classes
    • Life Application

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    Pursue God’s Purpose

    God has a purpose and calling on your life. Why wait to fulfill it? Pursue God’s Purpose Today!

    Bonus Material Included!

    • 4 Bible classes + 10 lessons to study (one for each step)
    • Biblical examples that connect to your life & show application
    • Video answers to FAQs, inspirational articles, & journaling
    • Topical scriptures, reflection questions, actions steps, and more

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