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    • The Requirements Bible Study Bundle

      The Requirements Bundle


      The Requirements | The Foundation: Mastery Course for All Christians extensively covers the 6 Principles of the Doctrine of Christ listed in Hebrews 6:1-2. This powerful series allows students to immerse themselves in each principle with full-length Bible class videos, deep dives into scriptural definitions, comprehensive topical outlines, interactive study activities, and more.

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      The Wisdom Bundle


      The Wisdom Bundle includes 3 books:
      The wisdom of Proverbs is powerful. The book of Proverbs is incredibly rich, meaningful, and practical. With this workbook, you can dive into the Word of God and gain true wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and instruction. With reflection, classes, videos, and more, this study is for you!

      Watch Your Mouth Answers the question, “What would a wise man say?” with this 21-Day Interactive Workbook. It addresses the power of the tongue, scriptural dos and don’ts, the mouths of different types of people, and Biblical instructions for conflict and contention!

      Wisdom in Real Life is great! The wisdom in God’s Word is always relevant! LEARN about four practical topics — Decisions, Social Circle, Work Habits, and Finances — that greatly impact your life for good or for bad, then do challenges on your own and with a partner to APPLY it in real life!

    • Sale! Study Plan Bundle

      Study Plan Bundle


      The Study Plan Bundle Includes:

      – Truth Still Stands A Study Plan for Times Like These
      – The 30 Day Challenge
      – Wisdom in Real Life Partner Challenge
      – The Evaluation A Study of the 7 Churches
      -The Wisdom of Proverbs A Reading & Review Workbook
      – Watch Your Mouth Interactive Workbook
      – Living in the Last Days: A Course on the End Times
      – Pursue God’s Purpose
      – Defeat the Devil
      – The Requirement| Mastery Course for all Christians (Book 1 & 2)

    • Sale! Born of Water Bundle

      Born of Water Bundle


      Get the Born of Water Bundle! Today’s discussions of spiritual issues and Bible questions are often guided by strong opinions, long-held traditions, popular trends, and subjective interpretations. Born of Water breaks the mold in addressing Water Baptism. Using extensive scripture combined with analysis of the original languages and historical research, Born of Water answers questions including:

      * Can you prove Water Baptism in Jesus name from Genesis 1:1?
      What are the Old Testament types and examples of Water Baptism?
      What did Jesus teach about Water Baptism during his ministry?
      Does the book of Matthew teach Jesus Name Baptism?
      How did the Apostles and early church baptize according to scripture and history?
      Is man saved by faith and confession alone? Is Water Baptism optional or necessary?
      Should the phrase “In Jesus Name” or “In the Name of Father, and of the Son, and of The Holy Ghost” be uttered during the Baptism?
      Can we say “In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, In Jesus Name?”* Should we baptize in the name of Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew name) or Iesous (Jesus’ Greek name)?
      When, if ever, should someone be rebaptized?

      This life-changing compilation of Biblical truth is a resource for today and generations to come.

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      Everything Bundle


      In the Everything bundle:

      • Born of Water – Book
      • Born of Water Workbook – Workbook
      • He’s the Master of Every Situation – Book
      • Living in the Last Days – Study Play
      • Pursue God’s Purpose – Study Play
      • 30 Day Challenge – Study Play
      • The Evaluation: The Study of the 7 Churches – Study Play
      • The Wisdom of Proverbs – Study Play
      • Truth Still Stands – Study Play
      • Watch your Mouth – Study Plan
      • Wisdom in Real Life – Study Plan
      • Defeat the Devil
      • The Requirement: Book 1 $2