Wisdom in Real Life
    Wisdom in Real Life

    Partner Challenge

    Wisdom in Real LIfe

    Study Plan Includes:

    The wisdom in God’s Word is always relevant! LEARN about four practical topics — Decisions, Social Circle, Work Habits, and Finances — that greatly impact your life for good or for bad, then do challenges on your own and with a partner to APPLY it in real life!

    • Topical Scriptures
    • Critical Questions
    • Insightful Classes
    • Life Application

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    Check out these samples then download the FREE Worksheets or purchase the Expanded Workbook. Do you want to do this study with a group? Login to download the Group Guide and get started!

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    Wisdom in real life Compairson4

    This challenge is for groups of two or more. So choose wisely!” to “The goal is to help each other be accountable, so choose wisely!

    • Friends
    • Families
    • Youth or Young Adult Groups
    • Churches
    • Bible Classes
    • You Choose!

    Just remember each team member must sign up so their challenge can be emailed to them.

    You can go as fast or as slow as you desire! The goal is to apply the Scriptures in real life. However long that takes is up to your team.  Just remember, you will not be able to get the second mission until you have taken the quiz and completed the first mission.

    Click the link below to complete the desired challenge.

    1. Complete Mission 1 – Decisions
    2. Complete Mission 2 – Social Circle
    3. Complete Mission 3 – Work Habits
    4. Complete Mission 4 – Finances

    Once you have completed the challenge you will be emailed your next mission.

    Are you ready for the challenge? The wisdom in God’s Word is relevant and more than knowing it in theory, we want to use it in real life. God’s Word gives guidance to shape what we do, and how we do it. Everyday we face circumstances, situations, and issues, and we have a choice: we can either use God’s wisdom and reap the benefits OR we can act without wisdom and suffer the consequences.

    1. DECISIONS: What does a wise man do when making decisions? How does one make wise decisions?

    2. SOCIAL CIRCLE: Who does a wise man connect with and disconnect from?

    3. WORK HABITS: How does a wise man work and behave on the job, at home, at school, or in ministry?

    4. FINANCES: How does a wise man handle his finances? What is a wise attitude towards money?

    1. Pick a partner or group to complete the challenge with. They should be willing to study individually and talk and pray jointly.

    2. Complete this form to register your group.

    3. Check your email, and download Mission #1: Decisions.

    4. Follow the instructions in the mission. At each checkpoint, you’ll read the scriptures given and then pick one reflection question, one individual challenge, and one group activity.

    5. Once you finish Mission #1, scan the QR code at the bottom of the last page OR go back to justwordministries.com/wisdominreallife and click Complete Mission #1.

    6. Answer the questions about your Mission, and then we’ll email you the next mission!

    Partner Challenge

    Wisdom In Real-life

    Work with a partner to gain & apply wisdom for your decisions, social life, work habits, and finances!

    Bonus Material Included!

    • QR codes & notes sections for 4 engaging full-length classes
    • 8 insightful short videos & blogs built into the book
    • 16 “checkpoints” to dig into God’s Word on the main topics
    • Individual & challenges to apply the Word & do it in real life
    • Questions for reflection, check-ins, and special prizes

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