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  • Armor of God

    Defeat the Devil – A Study of the Whole Armour of God


    Put on the Whole Armor of God! We all have an enemy. Our enemy’s goal is to steal, kill, and destroy all that God is doing in our lives and the ones we love (John 10:10).  But God has equipped us to be able to withstand the tricks and schemes of the devil. God has given us HIS Armour, the Whole Armour of God. This study will cover what the Armour is and how to use it!

    The Workbook includes:

    In-depth study of each weapon in the Armour
    7 full-length Bible Classes
    6 Short Videos covering each weapon
    Encouraging playlist to listen to on the go
    Real-life examples of each weapon
    Life application questions
    and more.

    We highly encourage you to invite your friends, family, small group, ministry, or church to do the study together. It’s so much fun to study, grow, and apply it with others! Join the Just Word Community Facebook group to connect with others striving to put the Word into action every day. Email or call 833-GET-WORD with questions and the Just Word Team is happy to help you.

  • Living the the Last Days - Study Plan Bundle

    Living in the Last Days A Course on the End Times


    Explore the Word of God concerning living in the last days & the events of the end times! Dig in with 5 classes & 12 interactive lessons including questions, cross-references, application to now, and more!

  • Pursue God's Purpose Study Plan

    Pursue God’s Purpose


    Pursue God’s Purpose: This 10-step action plan is for those who are determined to fulfill God’s calling for their lives. This powerful interactive workbook makes understanding your part in the kingdom of God personal. What God has purposed for YOU to do is POWERFUL & NECESSARY! Become confident in who God has made you to be and walk in faith, doing what He has given you to do! It is time to pursue God’s purpose!

    4 Bible classes + 10 lessons to study (one for each step)
    Biblical examples that connect to your life & show application
    Video answers to FAQs, inspirational articles, & journaling
    Topical scriptures, reflection questions, actions steps, and more

    Phil 2:13 – For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

  • Sale! Study Plan Bundle

    Study Plan Bundle


    The Study Plan Bundle Includes:

    Truth Still Stands A Study Plan for Times Like These
    The 30 Day Challenge
    Wisdom in Real Life Partner Challenge
    The Evaluation A Study of the 7 Churches
    The Wisdom of Proverbs A Reading & Review Workbook
    Watch Your Mouth Interactive Workbook
    Living in the Last Days: A Course on the End Times
    Pursue God’s Purpose

  • The 30 Day Challenge


    The most important relationship you can ever have is your relationship with Jesus Christ. This 30 Day Challenge is designed to help you develop, build, and prioritize that relationship by putting the Word of God into
    Action. We focus on four key areas that will help you do this: Commitment, Prayer, Fasting, and Studying.

    Each day of the challenge consists of something to DO (a practical challenge), something to READ (focus verses in scripture), and something to CONSIDER (one question to answer). Take the time to do this daily, and we believe you’ll leave the 30 days closer to God. Miss a day? Don’t get discouraged. Pick up tomorrow!

    Built within the workbook, each weekly topic includes:

    Practical challenges and a space to write
    Verses to motivate and encourage
    An interactive full-length lesson
    3-4 blog posts (to read or listen to)
    3 short teaching videos on key points

    We highly encourage you to invite your friends, family, small group, ministry, or church to do the challenge together. It’s so much fun to study, grow, and apply it with others! Join the Just Word Community Facebook group to connect with others striving to put the Word into action every day. Email or call 833-GET-WORD with questions and the Just Word Team is happy to help you.

  • The Evaluation Study Plan

    The Evaluation A Study of the 7 Churches


    The Evaluation looks at the words from Jesus Christ to the seven churches of Asia. The messages unique to each church’s situation were written in a book sent to the seven churches throughout what is modern-day Turkey.  It is amazing to imagine Jesus speaking to John and breaking down for each church what God was saying they were doing right, what God was saying they were doing wrong, what they needed to do, and what promises they needed to hold onto. John wrote what God said and showed, put it in a book, and the messages are still eye-opening for us today. They highlight key fights, important reminders, and critical promises to hold to in the last days and apply to our everyday lives.

  • The Requirements

    The Requirements


    The Requirements | The Foundation: Mastery Course for All Christians extensively covers the 6 Principles of the Doctrine of Christ listed in Hebrews 6:1-2. This powerful series allows students to immerse themselves in each principle with full-length Bible class videos, deep dives into scriptural definitions, comprehensive topical outlines, interactive study activities, and more.

  • Wisdom of Proverbs - Study Plan

    The Wisdom of Proverbs A Reading & Review Workbook


    The Wisdom of Proverbs is a study plan made with you in mind. We created this Reading and Review Workbook so as you go through this book of the Bible you have a resource to aid you. Each chapter includes:

    The text of the chapter to read, highlight, underline, circle, and mark up as you so desire.
    5 Knowledge Check questions to review facts and concepts from the chapter.
    2 Personal Application questions to help you examine how this chapter relates to you, and how you can apply it to your life
    My Study Notes section so you can write down any lessons, point, questions, references, or your answers to the questions if you run out of space.
    Time to Think sidebar offers some encouragement, connection, definition, or tip to aid you in your study time.

    Our hope is that through this study you grow in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

    Feel free to do this study individually, with friends or family, in a church or small group setting, or with Bible believers in the Just Word Community Facebook group. You can do one chapter a day or work through it at your own pace. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube for supplemental blog posts, videos, and more.

    If you have questions, feel free reach out to the Just Word Team at or 833-GET-WORD. Happy studying!

  • Truth Still Stands Study Plan

    Truth Still Stands A Study Plan for Times Like These


    Truth Still Stands!

    In times of change, crisis, and confusion what remains the same? The Word of God. This 4-week study plan is meant to be a (1) Biblical source of hope, comfort, and encouragement during challenging times and (2) a helpful guide in navigating, studying, and applying the scriptures.

    We have divided this plan into four
    parts, each covering a topic of importance:
    1. His Word Stands Forever
    2. God’s Answers for Life’s Emotions
    3. Eternal Perspective: Look Up
    4. Remember God Is: Facing Unknowns with a Known God

    Each day, there are a few scriptures called “Focus Verses” given for study, questions for reflection and discussion, and additional passages and/or prompts to dig deeper into the topic.

    The study plan can be completed (1) individually during your personal study time, (2) with your family, friends, and/or church, or (3) in the community of Just Word Network members in our Facebook group. Scriptures references are from the King James Version (KJV).

    Stick with the Word; it never fails. Contact us at with any questions or comments.

  • Watch your Mouth - Study Plan

    Watch Your Mouth Interactive Workbook


    Watch Your Mouth is a 21-Day Interactive Workbook that answers the question, “What would a wise man say?” It addresses the power of the tongue, scriptural dos and don’ts, the mouths of different types of people, and Biblical instructions for conflict and contention. Each day includes:

    Food for Thought – encouragement and explanation for the daily topic
    Focus Scriptures – references in Proverbs and throughout the Bible to help you dig in
    Focus Definitions – a chart to note key terms, Strong’s Numbers, definitions, and more
    Study Notes – a lined section to write down your lessons, key points, questions, and more
    Reflection Questions – personal application to examine how the topic relates to you and plan your next steps to apply it to your life
    Engaging Activities – fun opportunities like matching, crossword puzzles, true or false, and more to review the main points and strengthen comprehension

    It is a life-changing study for anyone desiring to walk and TALK with wisdom. The printed version is a full color, bound resource. Get yours today!

  • Wisdom in Real Life Study Plan

    Wisdom in Real Life Partner Challenge


    Are you ready for the challenge? The wisdom in God’s Word is relevant and more than knowing it in theory, we want to use it in real life. God’s Word gives guidance to shape what we do, and how we do it. Every day we face circumstances, situations, and issues, and we have a choice: we can either use God’s wisdom and reap the benefits OR we can act without wisdom and suffer the consequences.

    DECISIONS: What does a wise man do when making decisions? How does one make wise decisions?
    SOCIAL CIRCLE: Who does a wise man connect with and disconnect from?
    WORK HABITS: How does a wise man work and behave on the job, at home, at school, or in ministry?
    FINANCES: How does a wise man handle his finances? What is a wise attitude towards money?

    This study on wisdom is not only to learn the Word; it’s also to DO it. This workbook includes:

    16 total checkpoints in which you pick ONE question, ONE challenge, and ONE group activity.
    16 group challenges that you’ll need at least one other person to pray and talk with to complete.
    4 engaging full-length classes with QR codes to access & sections to take notes
    8 insightful short videos & full-length blogs built into the book for understanding

    Follow the instructions! Wisdom In Real Life: This is your mission if you choose to accept it! It’s certainly time! Let’s walk in wisdom, starting now.

    Contact us at or (833) GET-WORD with any questions!