This week we have a special guest blogger, Cheryl Perkins, sharing a powerful perspective as we do the challenge, 30 Days of Thankfulness! Enjoy!

30 Days of Thankfulness has been such a blessing to me. It has increased my understanding on covetousness being idolatry and the warning given in the Word. It is so important to be content with food, raiment, and such things that I have. Through the 30 Days of Thankfulness, I have found the connection between thankfulness and contentment. Thankfulness brings the blessings to light whether past or present and can brighten the reality of any situation. Therefore, being thankful I realize God is enough and has created a perfect condition of life for me: being content. 

In addition to thankfulness and contentment, 1 Thessalonians 5:18 has truly blessed my soul. It says, 

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” 

The importance of thankfulness:

The phrase “In every thing” really caught my attention. The word “in” is a preposition meaning fixed position in place, time or state. The Greek word for “every thing” is also translated as all, all things and all manner of. No matter what state, position, place, situation, and/or circumstance I find myself in the will of God concerning me is to give thanks. Whether the situations or circumstances are good, bad, sad, hard, easy, upsetting, frustrating, disappointing, hurtful (and the list could go on), still give thanks. 

The Word of God removes all excuses or reasons to complain. This scripture does not exempt any situation. It is “In every thing”. Therefore, while I am in my situation I am doing something. I am not stagnate or still. I am doing something whether I know the direction of God or not. I am still doing something: giving thanks!!! Giving thanks: 

  • decreases the negativity and negative thoughts
  • keeps complaining far from my lips
  • provides an opportunity to remember what God has done and is doing
  • removes how I see it
  • opens the door to usher me into praise and worship, 
  • allows the Word of God to minister God’s perspective

Today, give thanks in it!

Thank you, Just Word, for every webinar, post, motivational Monday, teaching, handout, workbook, and the love for God’s Word! This ministry truly is a blessing all over the world!

What stood out to you from this blog post? What did you learn? How can you apply this to your life? Comment below!

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