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    • Born of Water


      Today’s discussions of spiritual issues and Bible questions are often guided by strong opinions, long-held traditions, popular trends, and subjective interpretations. Born of Water breaks the mold in addressing Water Baptism. Using extensive scripture combined with analysis of the original languages and historical research.

      This life-changing compilation of Biblical truth is a resource for today and generations to come.

      Timothy M. Harris is a highly sought-after Bible teacher whose ministry has reached millions around the world through television, radio, and the internet and in churches, prisons, conferences, and camps. He is the founder and president of Just Word Ministries

    • The 30 Day Challenge


      The most important relationship you can ever have is your relationship with Jesus Christ. This 30 Day Challenge is designed to help you develop, build, and prioritize that relationship by putting the Word of God into
      Action. We focus on four key areas that will help you do this: Commitment, Prayer, Fasting, and Studying.

      Each day of the challenge consists of something to DO (a practical challenge), something to READ (focus verses in scripture), and something to CONSIDER (one question to answer). Take the time to do this daily, and we believe you’ll leave the 30 days closer to God. Miss a day? Don’t get discouraged. Pick up tomorrow!

      Built within the workbook, each weekly topic includes:

      Practical challenges and a space to write
      Verses to motivate and encourage
      An interactive full-length lesson
      3-4 blog posts (to read or listen to)
      3 short teaching videos on key points

      We highly encourage you to invite your friends, family, small group, ministry, or church to do the challenge together. It’s so much fun to study, grow, and apply it with others! Join the Just Word Community Facebook group to connect with others striving to put the Word into action every day. Email or call 833-GET-WORD with questions and the Just Word Team is happy to help you.

    • The Evaluation: A Study of the 7 Churches


      The Evaluation looks at the words from Jesus Christ to the seven churches of Asia. The messages unique to each church’s situation were written in a book sent to the seven churches throughout what is modern-day Turkey.  It is amazing to imagine Jesus speaking to John and breaking down for each church what God was saying they were doing right, what God was saying they were doing wrong, what they needed to do, and what promises they needed to hold onto. John wrote what God said and showed, put it in a book, and the messages are still eye-opening for us today. They highlight key fights, important reminders, and critical promises to hold to in the last days and apply to our everyday lives.