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  • Truth Still Stands: A Study Plan for Difficult Times


    Truth Still Stands!

    In times of change, crisis, and confusion what remains the same? The Word of God. This 4-week study plan is meant to be a (1) Biblical source of hope, comfort, and encouragement during challenging times and (2) a helpful guide in navigating, studying, and applying the scriptures.

    We have divided this plan into four
    parts, each covering a topic of importance:
    1. His Word Stands Forever
    2. God’s Answers for Life’s Emotions
    3. Eternal Perspective: Look Up
    4. Remember God Is: Facing Unknowns with a Known God

    Each day, there are a few scriptures called “Focus Verses” given for study, questions for reflection and discussion, and additional passages and/or prompts to dig deeper into the topic.

    The study plan can be completed (1) individually during your personal study time, (2) with your family, friends, and/or church, or (3) in the community of Just Word Network members in our Facebook group. Scriptures references are from the King James Version (KJV).

    Stick with the Word; it never fails. Contact us at with any questions or comments.