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    About Just Word Ministries & Just Word Academy


    Just Word Ministries was founded at the leading of the Lord in 2018 by Timothy M. Harris – pastor of Turning Point Family Worship Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. Saved for more than 60 years and teaching for decades, he is a highly sought-after Bible teacher whose in-depth, insightful, and impactful ministry has reached millions around the world.


    Just Word Ministries was created as a publishing and teaching ministry to continue this work. We aim to equip you — saints, ministers, pastors, groups, churches, and organizations — with understanding and tools to break down the doctrine and walk out the truth of God’s Word. Let’s grow together!

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    The Requirements Bible Study Bundle

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    The Requirement: The Foundation Mastery Course for All Christians

    This is study in extensively covers the 6 Principles of the Doctrine of Christ listed in Hebrews 6:1-2. This powerful series allows students to immerse themselves in each principle with full-length Bible class videos, deep dives into scriptural definitions, comprehensive topical outlines, interactive study activities, and more. Begin your journey to master God’s requirements today!