Old Testament language is intentional

    In the Bible, every word of God is important! Words such as “Thee, Thou, and Thy” are always singular and “Ye” is always plural. What is the importance of Ye and Thee? These words in their correct usage tell the reader who the audience is in that particular passage of scripture. Scriptures such as Matthew 16:19 where Jesus tells Peter, “And I will give unto THEE the keys of the kingdom of heaven,” are important to differentiate between Ye and Thee.

    If we didn’t know that Thee is singular, we would think that Jesus is saying that He would give the keys of the kingdom of heaven to all the disciples that were present. But, since he said Thee, he was talking to one singular person, Peter. With this understanding of Ye and Thee, we can read the Word of God with clarity and gain more accurate understanding.