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  • Defeat the Devil – A Study of the Whole Armour of God


    Put on the Whole Armor of God! We all have an enemy. Our enemy’s goal is to steal, kill, and destroy all that God is doing in our lives and the ones we love (John 10:10).  But God has equipped us to be able to withstand the tricks and schemes of the devil. God has given us HIS Armour, the Whole Armour of God. This study will cover what the Armour is and how to use it!

    The Workbook includes:

    In-depth study of each weapon in the Armour
    7 full-length Bible Classes
    6 Short Videos covering each weapon
    Encouraging playlist to listen to on the go
    Real-life examples of each weapon
    Life application questions
    and more.

    We highly encourage you to invite your friends, family, small group, ministry, or church to do the study together. It’s so much fun to study, grow, and apply it with others! Join the Just Word Community Facebook group to connect with others striving to put the Word into action every day. Email or call 833-GET-WORD with questions and the Just Word Team is happy to help you.