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  • Wisdom in Real Life Partner Challenge


    Wisdom in Real Life is a Bible Study plan that focuses on applying the wisdom found in the scripture. Are you ready for the challenge? The wisdom in God’s Word is relevant and more than knowing it in theory, we want to use it in real life. God’s Word gives guidance to shape what we do, and how we do it. Every day we face circumstances, situations, and issues, and we have a choice: we can either use God’s wisdom and reap the benefits OR we can act without wisdom and suffer the consequences.

    DECISIONS: What does a wise man do when making decisions? How does one make wise decisions?
    SOCIAL CIRCLE: Who does a wise man connect with and disconnect from?
    WORK HABITS: How does a wise man work and behave on the job, at home, at school, or in ministry?
    FINANCES: How does a wise man handle his finances? What is a wise attitude towards money?

    This study on wisdom is not only to learn the Word; it’s also to DO it. This workbook includes:

    16 total checkpoints in which you pick ONE question, ONE challenge, and ONE group activity.
    16 group challenges that you’ll need at least one other person to pray and talk with to complete.
    4 engaging full-length classes with QR codes to access & sections to take notes
    8 insightful short videos & full-length blogs built into the book for understanding

    Follow the instructions! Wisdom In Real Life: This is your mission if you choose to accept it! It’s certainly time! Let’s walk in wisdom, starting now.

    Contact us at or (833) GET-WORD with any questions!