Studying the Word of God is extremely important and no matter our best intentions, it seems like there is ALWAYS something that tries to distract us from it! How do we prioritize the Word of God and make time to spend with the author of the Bible? We have to remember WHY we study the Bible in the first place!

    We recently asked our Facebook group Just Word Community to complete the sentence, “I study the Word of God because…” and we were blown away by their powerful and insightful responses. Here are 33 reasons to study the Bible and make time for the Word!

    Reasons From The Just Word Community

    1. Knowing Him is knowing His Word. He is what He said. It’s my book of promises (Amber R.)
    2. It is light and life! (Terilyn H.)
    3. It is the guide for my life! (Kara Y.)
    4. There is always more to know about God and His way of holiness. (Frank H.)
    5. I want to develop a more intimate relationship with the Lord and live by His commands. (Jeshaiah S.)
    6. I want to go to heaven. It really keeps me from flashing on people. He saved me from my affliction(s). The Word is where I find my peace. (David W.)
    7. Because I love Him and need to know more about the guidance He has for me. (Sandra H.)
    8. I want to grow in His will for my life. (Kimberly G.)
    9. It brings life to me and future generations, and keeps me from evil! (James J.)
    10. It’s my responsibility. (Chele M.)
    11. There is life more abundantly in His word, and it gives me comfort, strength, and relationship with God. (Charissa L.)
    12. I want to shew myself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. He hast the words of eternal life. (Q J.)
    13. The word is life. I get to develop a deeper relationship with Christ Jesus and I have the instruction, encouragement, and confidence to make it to heaven when I know the word of God. (Meghan B.)
    14. It’s manna from on high which sustains me!! (Diane T.)
    15. I need guidance, instruction, HELP! I NEED to hear from God! He sounds like His Word!!! (Andrew B.)
    16. First because the Bible tells me to, but I want to know God and to know His word is to know Him. If I know the word then I can obey the word. If I obey the word, I can be found doing well and if I’m found doing well I can hear God say, “Well done.” I’ve got to make this journey! I gain understanding, wisdom, and knowledge. I get peace, and comfort in the word of God! (Felicia W.)
    17. I love HIM and HE is The Word. (Jaclyn D.)
    18. It keeps me grounded in my relationship with God. It brings me joy, peace, and it gives me direction and wisdom. (Calahna B.)
    19. I want to LIVE. (John H.)
    20. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. His word is what continues to renew me, strengthen me and keep me on the right track. (Kary D.)
    21. Because it finds me where I am at! His WORD is living and breathing and can touch, heal, restore, set free, and encourage me. It is the STANDARD by which I measure my actions. (Wendy T.)
    22. It draws me closer to the Lord and I desire eternal life. (Ophelia T.)
    23. It is my life line! (Sherry W. / Toi Toi)
    24. The Bible says, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (Dennis P.)
    25. It’s a necessity! Amongst many other things it brings so much life, confidence, and peace. (Cymone C.)
    26. Can’t live without it. God said man can’t live by bread alone & I believe God. It feeds my spirit & gives me life!! (Vickie T.)
    27. If I don’t I’m a mess! The word is God. (Loretta L.)
    28. I need to know how to live this life so it pleases Him so I can hear Him say well done. It is the Lord’s word, telling you what He likes and doesn’t like, what He hates and what He loves. It is his autobiography so to speak. (Cheronea S.)
    29. I need the word of God to live a saved and wholly, holy life the way God wants me to. I get guidance, strength, and direction. (Lorena F.)
    30. When I study I learn more of who He is and He speaks through His word. (Latisha J.)
    31. I’m in love with his Word!! I study to learn more about my God!! (Sharon M.)
    32. The word works!! (Cynthia J.)
    33. It is life! (Mick M.)

    After all of those reasons, I’m sure you’re ready to dig in and study the Bible immediately! The Word is everything! MAKE TIME FOR IT! If you want even MORE reasons & understanding on the importance of studying the Word of God, check out this blog today!

    What is YOUR reason to study the Word of God? Share your comments below! Want to take your studying to the next level? Join Just Word Academy – our free membership with courses, learning paths, study library, and more – today!

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    1. I need the Word of God; there are hidden treasures in the Word of God to discover, when I spend quality time with Jesus.

    2. Lydia Ethridge says:

      Spending time in God’s word at the start of my day sets a peaceful tone.

    3. Lorinda Leonard says:

      I Study to feel whole and safe. If I fail to study I feel empty and open to the devils attacks.

    4. Rebecca Fitzgerald says:

      I study the word because it gives me reassurance of the hope that I have in Jesus in this life and the one to come.

    5. Paulette Taylor says:

      I believe he is who he says he is!

    6. Phyllis Belcher says:

      I study the Word of God because it is TRUE, and it teaches me how to live so I can live again.

    7. Lydia Ethridge says:

      I love the word of God it keeps me grounded.

    8. Cheryl R Perkins says:

      I study to the Word to learn about Jesus and get more into Him!

    9. Vickie Turner says:

      There are many reasons why I love the word. one that sticks out is its availability. With this society of high tech stuff, so many bible apps & I thank god for the Just Word ministries and how they’ve made the word so accessible through technology i.e.blogs, social apps , videos, etc. When I don’t take the time to get into the word my spirit is literally “jacked-up”; just dont feel right , like something is missing. It’s ALIVE!!!!!!!!!

    10. Phyllis Belcher says:

      I study the Word to be closer to God and to shore up my personal relationship with Him. And also, so that His praise will be continually in my mouth.

    11. Pamela Brown says:

      I study the word because Jesus is his word…. I need the word to put on God

    12. Shonna Burden says:

      I need the Word of God for instructions on how to live a holy and sanctified life.

    13. Misty Wiles says:

      The Bible is our instruction manual for life, it is spiritual food for our soul to live. I study God’s word to grow in faith.

    14. Darrell Fairer says:

      [Jhn 8:32 KJV] 32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    15. Brittany Riley says:

      To separate what my environment, people, and my feelings says vs what the Word of God says.

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